Turning 17
Are you or is someone you know turning 17 soon?


If so, register your date of birth with us in the form below and 10 weeks beforehand we will send you a Provisional Licence Application Form and a complimentary copy of the Highway Code.

Why not treat that special person to driving lessons with Oxford Driving School

It really is the perfect gift for any 17 year old! the birthday boy or girl will receive a Oxford Driving School birthday card, which you can personalise with a special message. It doesn’t even have to be someone you know, it could be you! The independence that comes with driving is beyond words and once you turn 17 there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from hitting the road! So go on, give it go! Remember that you can apply for your driving test up to 8 weeks before your 17 th birthday.

Book your driving lessons online now by clicking Book A Lesson or call your local Drivng school on 01865 307 954.


If you are still 16, fill in the form below and we will send you a Provisional Licence Application Form and a free Highway Code nearer the time.


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