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Oxford Driving School is specialised automatic and manual driving school.

We offer automatic driving instruction in modern, dual controlled cars with fully qualified ADI Driving Instructors. Take the stress out of learning to drive with our relaxed, friendly automatic driving tuition tailored to your needs. Our aim is to work in partnership with you to develop your driving skills up to and beyond your test. Whatever your needs, safe, competent driving is a skill for life. So, if you have had trouble in the past mastering the gears of a manual car, are in a hurry to get on the road or just feel automatic is the way forward for you.

About Automatic Driving

Learning to driving in an automatic car is easier than driving a manually operated car. This is because most of the work in changing the gears will be automatically done. Because driving an automatic car makes the physical job of driving easier more concentration can be put into observing the road situation. You will get much of the same benefits when driving an automatic car to that of a manual car.


An automatic car has a automatic gearbox which changes the gears when needed. Their are only 2 foot controls which are the accelerator & footbrake and they are normally both controlled using your right foot.

The Automatic Driving Test in Oxford


The automatic driving test is conducted the same way as the manual car driving test. If you are successful with your driving test you will only be permitted to drive an automatic car afterwards.


If you later decide you wish to drive a manually operated vehicle you will need to take another driving test in a manual car. You will then be permitted to drive both manual & automatic cars for more information. please contact us.

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