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The Driving Theory Test
The multi-choice part of the test consists of 50 questions based on the Highway code and road safety concerns.


The pass rate is 43 and you will be allowed 57 minutes to complete it. The cost is £30.00. This won't be refunded if you fail.

Hazard Perception Test

Once the multiple-choice questions have been answered you will take the hazard perception test. This is made up of 14 video clips and is designed to measure your ability to see developing road hazards. A tutorial will play before the test starts which will show you how to take the test.


The pass rate is 44 from a maximum score of 75. To pass the theory test you must pass both parts - the multi-choice questions and the hazard perception test - otherwise you will fail and will have retake both parts at a later date.


The cost for both parts is £30.00 which is non-refundable if you fail.

Practical Driving Test


This lasts up to 40 minutes and will take you through a variety of roads and traffic conditions. To pass you must complete the test without scoring any serious or dangerous errors or no more than 15 minor driving errors.


During the test you will have to successfully perform two of the following: a three point turn, a reverse around a corner, a bay park or a parallel park. You may also have to perform an emergency stop.


The practical test costs £56.50 on a week day or £67.00 over the weekend.

Show Me, Tell Me Test

This tests basic car maintenance knowledge. The driving test examiner will ask you two questions, one show me and one tell Me. The questions and answers are widely published so no one should fail. For the full show me tell me questions and answers, click here.

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