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''I began my driving lessons at the beginning of May and 10 excellent lessons later I passed my test first time on the 17th July. I was fortunate to have Zia as my instructor and it is fair to say that I couldn't have had anyone better. His calm methods of teaching took me from being quite nervous about tackling UK driving (having previously only driven automatic in the US) to being very confident in what seemed like no time at all. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Oxford Driving School to anyone. If you're considering who to learn with then look no further and trust me, I'm a doctor''!

~ Dr Paul


"I recently passed the practical driving test. I appreciate your high quality service. Below I wrote some comments you can use for any purpose if it helps. Please let me know if you have any question."

~ Bungo Akiyoshi



"Thank you very much for your service. I am exstatic about passing my test and i owe alot of it down to the professionalism of your company. Within the limited time i had learning with you, i felt you respected what i wanted to obtain from each lesson and provided me with the help and encoragement i needed. This understanding is hard to come by in the branch of education and as a school you should feel very proud of the excellent service you provide. I would recomend Oxford driving school to anyone wanting to learn in oxford for all of the above reasons. THANK YOU!

"I have just recently passed my driving test with your driving school. I would just like to say what an excellent experience it has been. My driving instructor Ahmed was very friendly easy to talk to, always punctual. He was always very patient with me , going over the same thing many times to make sure I understood what to do. I would highly recommend your driving school . Special thanks to Ahmed without his instruction and patience I'm sure I would still be learning. Many Thanks." 

~ Carol Bellinger 

"Thank you very much for helping me to pass my driving test. The lessons were comprehensive and well structured, and the environment was friendly and relaxed.  Looking back on the kind of driver I was when I narrowly failed my first test, and (less narrowly) my second too, I think that the failures were actually quite positive, as it meant that I was forced to take more lessons. As a result of this, I am now completely comfortable and confident when driving on my own - quite unlike I would have been had I passed my first test, as, on another day, I might have."

~ Marcus

 "Thanks to Oxford Driving School, I have passed my Practical Test on the 11th May. Ahmed Soleiman is a fantastic instructor and he was instrumental in accelerating my learning curve which enabled me to face the practical test with ease. He is patient, relentless and fair in his assessments. Without his guidance, I might have taken a lot longer to obtain my driving license. Keep up the great work and a big thanks to Ahmed."

~ Srivathsan Doraiswamy



"I passed my driving test today and just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed learing to drive with the Oxford Driving School. Ahmed was flexible, accommodating, patient and encouraging. I was pleasantly surprised to pass first time so a big thank you to Ahmed for all his help."

~ Ralph

 "I had 50 hours of lessons with Oxford Driving School and passed first time. My instructor Zia was very friendly, knowledgable and professional and taught me everything from my first lesson up to the test. As well as basic driving, I got the opportunity to experience lots of different things, such as driving on a dual carriageway, on small country roads, in the dark, in the rain and on ice, how to look after the car and filling up at a petrol station. What I got taught was an all round knowledge of how to drive in a safe and eco-friendly way, and Oxford Driving School teaches you to a very high standard. I got the opportunity to practise things that I was less confident of, as well as getting excellently planned lessons from my very patient instructor.I would highly recommend Oxford Driving School to any new learner. Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement, I look forward to getting back in a car soon!" 

~ Erin


"I passed my test with 6 weeks and thanks to the teaching that I received from the Oxford Driving School, I feel that I was not only taught how to pass my test, but the skills necessary to be a safe and confident driver. As for feedback: all I can say is that it was fantastic to learn a new skill from someone who has developed a really deeply thought out, thorough and complete system. The progression of the lessons was adaptable and fast and I always felt that I was improving as quickly as I could without being rushed or held back. All in all - I cannot imagine a more satisfactory experience!" 

~ Oliver


"I found the intensive driving course with the Oxford Driving School pretty hard work and at times quite frustrating, but ultimately very rewarding. Doing six hours of driving a day when you've got almost no prior experience is a very concentration intensive task and was a big challenge, but my instructor understood that and made every allowance with plenty of breaks and short stops to give me time to think. I also felt that the pace of my learning was judged very well, so I was always being pushed, but never overstretched. My biggest difficulty however wasn't understanding what I was supposed to do, but actually remembering to do it with all the distractions out there on the road. Inevitably I found it exasperating when I kept making the same mistakes over and over again, but I was reassured by the patience of my instructor and in the end I think patience was the Key. If I'm honest I would have liked another ten hours to really get to grips with the car and would recommend some private practice first to anyone thinking of taking this course, but I passed, so clearly the thirty hours offered by Oxford Driving School is enough."

~ Andrew Williamson

"I have recently passed the practical driving test with excellent result which means no minor mistake. This result largely thanks to the instruction of my driving teacher Jawad from Oxford Driving School. He is very enthusiastic, experienced and always on time. For a reasonable fee with high result, I strongly recommend taking the driving course at Oxford Driving School."

~ Huy Vu 5th-July-2011

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